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Weekender Bag Leather - Mocha

Weekender Bag Leather - Mocha

Stand out while travelling. An absolute head turner!


Copperhyde classic weekender bag is styled to attract attention for its good looks. When most of the travelers carry boring travel bags, stand apart from the crowd and be prepared to grab lots of eyeballs! Enjoy the limelight!


Our classic weekender bag is vintage style with modern functionalities. It is produced with full grain vegetable tanned cow leather making it the sturdiest bag you will ever have!


The size is ideal to hold 2-3 days of stuff for your weekend travels or your business trip. The weekender bag is sized to fulfil the carry-on luggage requirements of the airlines. Size: 24(L) x 14(D) x 9(W) Inches


You can use it as a Gym bag. Pack all the stuff that helps you to be fit and look stylish! 


The Mantra behind our classic weekender bag is to make a beautiful bag without compromising the strength. This can be achieved by using only the finest material combined with sturdiest hardware and threads so that it could be used for generations.


Modern Functionality: Although our bag is vintage style but we have provided dedicated spaces for essential modern utilities like a cushioned flap for laptop (14 inch), two pockets for holding items like chargers, eyeglasses or hand-phone. The bag comes with an adjustable padded all leather shoulder strap of 45 inch for extra flexibility while traveling. Side buckles provides three adjustable options for adding or reducing the space inside the bag. A front flap give you an option of keeping travel documents handy.


Leather: We have used only the full grain cow leather, the most expensive and strongest hide to produce our weekender bag. Full grain leather is the strongest as the full skin of the animal is used without skimming or thinning it. Only few hide can be developed as full grain leather making it most expensive. Due to its high cost only 5% of all the leather goods are made from full grain leather.

The leather used to make our weekender bag is vegetable tanned giving it a rich look. Vegetable tanning is eco-friendly and time consuming process of tanning the leather by using 100% natural ingredients. Another way of tanning the leather is Chrome tanning. 90% of the leather products available in the market is chrome tanned that uses harmful carcinogenic high pollutant chemicals. Chrome tanning takes much less time to produce leather reducing the cost but significantly increasing the environment pollution. Chrome tanned leather is stretchier, spongier and weaker. 

Since vegetable tanning process is longer and uses superior natural ingredients it makes the leather more durable and expensive.

Hardware:  Hardware like rivets, rings, clips, buckles etc. are significant part of any bag that improves its looks and strength. We have used heavy duty solid brass hardware in our bag to give it extra strength and to make it sturdier. Most of the companies use zinc hardware that is cheaper but lot weaker as well. Solid brass hardware is rust proof and does not chip making it expensive but lot sturdier.

Stitching: Stitching is the weakest link of any bag. Most of the bags fail due to weak stitching. Many companies use cotton or nylon thread for stitching which are weaker and break under stress of frequent travelling. We use only high grade polyester thread which are strongest. We have used solid brass rivets at critical stressed parts to provide extra strength to stitching, making the bag even more durable. Interior of the bag is fully lined using superior quality twill.

Another important factor is stitching holes-per-inch in increasing the strength of any leather bag. More holes per inch reduces the strength of the stitching. We have optimized the holes-per-inch stitching depending upon the thickness of the leather and the stressed area of the bag to make the stitching fool proof.


Zipper: Locking zipper is another critical area that prolongs the life of bag. Zipper is the most abused part of any bag and an ordinary zip breaks down after some use making even a good quality bag unusable. We have used heavy duty yet smooth brass YKK zipper in our bag so that your bag never fails due to the zippers.

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