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Knowing the different type of leather

Updated: Feb 28, 2020

Copperhyde is an online-store of premium leather products, we are writing this blog post to help you to understand the different quality of leather used in producing an item.

How often one feels clueless about the quality of leather while purchasing a leather item or how many times does one think whether the price being paid for the leather item justifies the quality!

Most people face this dilemma in their lifetime. In order to take an informed decision of buying a leather item it is important to know the different types of leather available in the market.

Generally, people are concerned only about differentiating ‘genuine leather’ from fake leather. An experienced buyer knows not only the difference between fake and genuine leather but also the different qualities of leather. Actually ‘genuine leather’ item can be made from very inferior quality of leather that is cheaper to produce and compromises look, feel and durability of the item. In fact ‘genuine leather’ is second lowest grade of leather in terms of quality, the other types of leathers in order from highest to lowest quality are:

- Full-Grain Leather: This is the most luxurious kind of leather used for high-end products. Full-grain leather uses entire hide including the outer most layer of the skin, which is sturdiest, most durable and most expensive. Only the very best quality of hides are suitable for creating full-grain leather, it is a bit stiff due to the thickness and develops a beautiful patina and unique beauty with time.

- Top-Grain Leather: A step down is top-grain leather, which is made from full-grain hide by removing under layer making it thinner and more flexible. Top-Grain leather looks more uniform as it is often coated with colored pattern. This leather is good looking and strong but not as durable as full-grain leather.

- Genuine Leather: Another step down in quality is genuine leather, this is made from the under layer (separating the hard and expensive top grain) of the animal hide. This leather is not as strong and durable as full grain or top grain leather. Genuine leather is less expensive and widely used as it is easier to manufacture variety of items with ease.

Bonded Leather: This leather is made from the left-overs and shavings of animal hide by grounding and then bonding with adhesive to give leather form. Although bonded leather is also a leather, it is less attractive and least durable. Mostly this leather is used for book covers and other smaller items.

Thank you for your time to read our post, we hope our above post will help you in taking an informed decision while purchasing a leather item.

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